Southampton Showhouse

House & Garden, October 2003

A Sitting Room “I didn’t have the luxury of space,” Hunt says of the 12-by-14-foot room, “but I wanted to create a luxurious atmosphere.” First she made the room’s humble dimensions seem more spacious by building out the walls several inches, adding reveals. To color them, artisan Mary Kuzma developed a treatment that Hunt calls “mutant shagreen,” which has a muted, airy effect. Kuzma’s assistant Richard Palladino, took to the floors with a unique finish that faintly glistens, like sand washed by water. After having the custom furniture covered in opalescent fabrics, Hunt brought a feeling of movement to the room with a wooly angora rug, a bold James Nares painting, and a coral-filled tank. “People tell me they feel like they’re floating,” she says, “and that’s just what I wanted.”