The AD100

Architectural Digest, January 2004

The AD 100 respresents our selection of the top 100 architects and interior designers whose work has been featured in Architectural Digest over the past several years. This special section, which last appeared in the January 2002 issue, gives readers a chance to explore a richly varied landscape of styles; it also offers personal profiles of the figures behind the work, shedding light on their individual approaches and philosophies. We hope you'll find it a useful guide as well as an inspiring survey of the very best.


Design has been a part of Laura Hunt's life from the beginning. "I grew up in Dallas surrounded by beautiful objects, so I developed an early appreciation for interior design," she says. "Decorating was a natural evolution for me; I began in my late teens doing project for my family and myself. For years I helped friends with their homes for free; one day I started charging. I 'officially' began decorating in 2000." The late designer Kalef Alaton was important in helping her develop her aesthetic sensibilities. "I was his friend first and then a client. He taught me that each job is about the client and their personality--not the designer. Keeping in mind that the individual has to live in what I create, I make sure the home is completely furnished, accessorized and livable." Hunt is open to all kinds of styles. "I'm constantly learning something new."