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Yesterday, I was lucky enough to host a VBH trunk show at my apartment. VBH is a Rome-based luxury accessories house that designs the most stunning handbags and jewelry. V. Bruce Hoeksema founded the label in 1999 after spending 16 years at Valentino. He sought out to create something that filled the void in the luxury accessories market--an elegant handbag that wasn’t mass produced and seen everywhere. The resulting designs are discreetly luxurious and made for the modern woman. 

I have been carrying VBH bags since they first opened their US store on Madison Avenue in 2000. Their 940 Madison Avenue flagship is an amazing 10,000-square-foot 1921 bank with sky high ceilings and various lounge areas amongst the designs.  

I was so pleased to not only host Bruce in my home but his breathtaking collection. All of his bags are hand-sewn and assembled at the company’s atelier in Florence using the finest materials and best Italian craftsmanship. Each bag is numbered and unlike any other you’ll find in stores. With materials like lizard, python, alligator, ostrich, it’s hard to pick a favorite. Bruce’s palette ranges from the demure shale to the vibrant tanzanite and just about everything in between. Aside from his bags, his jewelry, is draw-dropping. With a fashion-forward and almost gothic style, Bruce’s use of pearls and precious stones is ingenious. 

Piled above Bruce’s signature green boxes were his designs throughout my apartment. From his recognizable envelope clutches to my favorite Brera shape and many many more, it was an incredible showcase of incredible design. 

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Vincenzo Matta @ 7/10/2013 4:59:28 PM said:

Laura Hunt you are the best..

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