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Hollywood and Divine Design

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It’s never hard to convince me to take a trip to Los Angeles--all the activity and sun, who could say no? I am here this week visiting my brother, noted fashion designer, Bradley Bayou, my newly arrived great-niece, Rose Twinkle, and for West Week, the Pacific Design Center’s annual celebration of design.

The celebrations kicked off with a conversation between my brother, Bradley, and Nancy Meyers on Hollywood and Design. Nancy wears so many hats as director, producer, and screenwriter of some of the most acclaimed and memorable movies like “Private Benjamin,” “Father of the Bride,” “The Holiday,” and “Something’s Gotta Give” among many others. Her interiors serve to complement the characters and their ways of life often turning into iconic sets. This keynote really let us get into her head as she takes on each character’s role and imagines how they will live. Nancy will analyze this down to the details like overseeing the books in the house and asking herself “would this character really read this?” Everything on those sets has a purpose and much of it is to further develop the character.

Thinking like a client is so important; after a designer leaves, it’s the client who has to live in the house each day. Finishing up a project, I spend time to think about how the client will live. Whether it’s stocking their libraries with novels, their bars with tequilas, their linen cabinets with tablecloths and placemats, or their showers with bars of soap, envisioning the client’s life after I leave is one of the most rewarding parts of the project.

Later Wednesday night, my brother and I attended the 2013 Stars of Design & Stars on the Rise dinner and ceremony presented by PDC owner and president, Charles S. Cohen. I enjoyed celebrating some of design’s most notable names and their work including James Radin, LA interior designer who designed the sets for Nancy Meyer’s movies including “Something’s Gotta Give,” “The Holiday,” and “It’s Complicated” and celebrating some of design’s newly noteworthy names, like Azadeh Shladovsky, who’s furniture designs are jaw-dropping. Her use of rustic materials mixed with streamlined designs is remarkable.

The night carried on with some old and dear friends. I was thrilled to see, editor emeritus of Architectural Digest, Paige Rense. It is always a delight to talk with her and visit with her spitfire and refreshing personality. I also caught up with the lovely and talented, Margaret Dunne, former executive editor at AD and current director of marketing at the PDC, and the ever-so-charming, James Munn.

Between all the parties, fashion, films, and design, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the world of Hollywood and LA, but every once and a while is okay by me...

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